Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why the Yale murder is like Dirty Dancing

As of this writing, 9-15-9, the mystery surrounding the death of the Yale student lies more with motivation than with the alleged killer.

It is a tragedy and it is an Ivy League school and people will argue that her death is important because of that. I am not writing to disagree with how it is more tragic when pretty people die or how bad things shouldn't happen to rich or famous people. I am just pointing out how topical it is.

Patrick Swayze died a mere two or three days ago, depending on what time it is. Patrick Swayze is famous for the classic and timeless Dirty Dancing. While Dirty Dancing (DD) may seem like a vehicle for Patrick's incredible dancing, it is foremost a statement on class struggle and family summer camp culture in the middle of the previous century. It is hard to know what century it is because it is always ahead of the actual calendar date..

The alleged killer of the Yale Victim (YV) could be the janitor at the lab where YV studied. Imagine a boy growing up in the sooty factory town on the outskirts of Yale, whatever city or state that may be.
He is smart and studious and gets great grades. Unfortunately, his family, although settled in this country since the previous century, never realized the American Dream because of the color of their skin or the red hair and freckles or whatever. They can't send him to the Yale he dreams of. Alleged Killer ends up going to Junior College where he is taken advantage of by a teacher's assistant in exchange for a grilled cheese sandwich.
The teacher's assistant (t.a.) gets pregnant and the alleged killer (AK) has to quit school to pay child support. AK gets a job at the Yale lab as a janitor and sees YV come in to study, night after night, like he would have if he had half a chance.
He learns that her family is first generation American, but because her family has connections and she was so pretty and petite, she got the scholarship and the nice pocketbook and the open doors. And here is where it is just like DD and just the opposite. Like Patrick Swayze, AK is constantly being seduced by the rich girls, just because he is "dangerous." But when the season is over, those girls go back to their rich, girly-sweatered boys.
Here is where it is different. Patrick Swayze says that nobody puts Baby in the corner. AK puts Baby in the wall.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

I don’t consider Melrose Place to be a soap opera. It was Fictional Documentary exploring the culture and architecture of a post-90210 Los Angeles society as well as a morality tale. It also takes a page from Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City, but more heterosexual.
Kimberly is every bit as real as Heather Locklear’s character, Amanda. It was interesting that Kimberly lived in the Beach House where you would expect to find someone of Heather’s social status. But the Beach House was without character and charm, befitting Kimberly. Heather was nuanced. There were many sides to her and she could take your breath away when she needed to. The Melrose Place enclave was perfect for Locklear. It was small and lovely, like her, yet much was brewing inside the doors.
It is notable that when the doctor split from Jane and went from being a good guy to being a cad, he moved into the Beach House. The Melrose Place apartments represent a modern day Garden of Eden from which Dr. Mancini was expelled. When the prostitute with the heart of gold went bad, she moved into the Beach House. The Beach House doesn’t necessarily represent hell, but it is interesting that although Kimmie blew the place up, it rose again and flourished. Good triumphed over evil.
There are other biblical references, such as evil Reed and evil Brooke both getting the ultimate baptism. How about Daphne sacrificing her child? I’m not sure if this refers to King Solomon or Abraham. That should be the next trivia question.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mugraby Hostel in Tel Aviv

Do not make a reservation here. They took our deposit and gave away our rooms. Mugraby Hostel is bad man.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mum The Siege of Mumbai

Mum - The seige of the Taj Majal

Skippy, played by Johnny Depp is at a friend's house watching tv, drinking beer with a friend, played by Ed Norton. Norton is a current CIA operative. Skippy used to be a CIA spy but quit a year ago because he didn't like the politics. News of the Mumbai attacks come on the tv. They watch, transfixed.

A day later, Skippy gets a call from Norton. He says," I have a high profile friend who needs help. I can't help him, but you were the best." He tells Skippy to meet his friend at a Super 8 motel right off the Jersey Expressway. Skippy waits in the room for a while and watches mores scenes from Mumbai.

A knock at the door. He lets in Brad Pitt. Pitt is playing himself. Pitt explains the problem. His wife, Angelina Jolie, played by herself, is in Mumbai. At the Taj Majal Hotel! Pitt doesn't want anyone to find out she's there. He is afraid the terrorists will come after her because of her high profile and the fact that she played Daniel Pearl's (jew) wife in a movie of similar intrigue.

The Indians already indicated they do not want American help. Jolie is holed up in a luxurious suite with her half-dozen or so children. Pitt has been texting her. He has convinced her to sit tight and wait for Skippy. She said, "what kind of name is Skippy?" While he is texting Jolie, Depp gets a text from his girlfriend. She is going on about jokey names for a movie based on the attacks. He texts back, saying he might have a really good name but also tells her that he has to go to Maryland to see his mother for a couple days. She gets mad and texts him something nasty , a picture of her butt , and says, say "goodbye to this", because she doesn't believe him.

Skippy asks Pitt, "Why me?" Pitt replies, "Your friend says you're the best. You aren't with the CIA anymore so nobody else needs to know. If nobody else knows you are going, nobody is coming to your rescue and my wife will still have a chance." He also thinks Skippy can pass as a native because of his exotic good looks. Skippy doesn't understand the logic but he does understand the briefcase full of cash and gift cards.

Pitt goes on to explain that Jolie is in Mumbai to look for a new orphan to adopt. She hasn't found any and was soon to leave.

We see some TV news scenes of the other sites of terror including the Jewish Center and the other hotel. The news anchor is being played by Antonio Banderas.

Skippy leaves that night on a chartered plane that allows him to remain heavily armed. Skippy gets to Mumbai, sneaks through all the security, smoke, fire, bad guys, etc and gets to Jolie's room. There is a big scene trying to convince her to unbarricade the room. She can't and he has to break through an adjoining wall. Its quite an ordeal to get her and the kids to the basement kitchen of the hotel and into an awaiting suv.

Safely back in New York, we see Angelina and Brad leave the Chabad Lubavitcher house, carrying the orphaned son of the Rabbi that got killed. The child's name is Moishe, but Brangelina call him "mumy."

Sunday, November 16, 2008

An old story

Top Ten Reasons I don't have a lot of sympathy for .....bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

1. He chose to be the son of a crack ho. I didn't make him be one.

2. We all have problems. I didn't have an easy life growing up. Sure, my
dad had some money. He was a Captain of Industry. But my mother died when
I was young. That left my dad to reason the seven of us alone.

We had a friggin parade of in-home day care providers. They were usually
quite strict and sometimes abusive. Also, when we were children, I thought
it was normal, but my father would summon us to dinner or other events by
using a whistle, as if we were animals or something.

My father was very politically active in some mysterious ventures that I
still don't understand. He was often away for weeks at a time.

Our house was run like a boot camp and we were not even allowed to sing in
the house. At one point, in my adolescence, I considered suicide. I had
been depressed for a long time.

I believe what saved my was our new au paire. She had been involved in
some kind of Christian cult, but was having doubts and had left the
compound and sought employment in our household.

As I mentioned, I was suicidal. I was also considering an elopement with
a UPS delivery man that came to our house a lot. She talked me in to
putting this plan on the backburner since I was still 16, soon to turn 17.

She kind of cheered up the whole household with her upbeat nature. Things
turned sour when my father brought some rich bimbo home and started
talking about marriage.

Our live-in daycare provider, Mary, got a bit jealous. I think she had the
hots for dad. Well, I know she did, in retrospect. Anyway, she went back
to the cult compound for a while.

The bimbo left and Mary came back. Dad started noticing Mary and boomba
boomba boom, they got married. We got a new stepmother. She also happened
to play guitar and the whole family formed a band. We called ourselves the
Moyed Family Singers.
Perhaps you've heard of us.

Anyway, my whole point is, we all have rough childhoods. When you have a
problem, try to think of some of your favorite things, and then everything
will be okay.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Slackjaw - The Book Review

I recently finished reading Slackjaw. I was intrigued by the back cover. It was supposedly written by a man who went blind, Jim Knipfel . The picture of the author reminded me of this guy I went out with in college. If the author was telling the truth about anything, there is no way it could be the same person I knew.

The guy I knew was Bob. Now, Bob lied a lot too, but they aren't even close enough in age to be the same person, so obviously someone is lying. But they both wore a silly hat. I could excuse the blind guy, but he started wearing the hat long before he lost his eyesight. Bob was just an ass.

What I was looking for was a "behind the scenes" look at blindness. Apparently it is a secretive society because once he adjusted to his handicap, the book ended. So I would say to anyone who reads my review, don't read it outloud. If you aren't willing to share your world, it goes back double the same.