Sunday, December 19, 2004

Movie Review - Melvin goes to Dinner

I saw the movie this afternoon on the "on demand" thing on tv. I can only use that feature on the big living room tv. It doesn't work on all the other tv's. Just the big one. Go figure.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I got the name right. It is some movie title with a guy with an old-timey name and something about dinner. It has a lot to do with a dinner conversation. It was an easily accessible pseudo-intelligent conversation, so I could pretty much follow it without getting a headache.

The men were not good-looking, but they were not so ugly as to be distracting. There was a waitress that was way more inept and non-people-personish than I ever was, so that was comforting. There was generous drinking involved.

The smart nurse with the drinking problem on ER played the sister of one of the diners. I don't think she is a nurse in real life, and she did not play one in this movie.
The bill sat at the table for a long time and I was very curious about who was going to pay for it. I can't tell you what happened to the bill because I decided to go to Target for a few items and didn't see the end.

I spent more than I thought I would at Target, but it was all stuff that I needed except who really needs pink fishnet tights? Maybe I do. I have what to wear with them, so yes, I do need them.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Movie Review - Sideways

"Sideways" is a movie that I saw while it was still at the movies. I'm glad I saw that, as opposed to spending money on a crappier movie that I could wait for on dvd, or someone else paying my way.

This was a funny movie with a lot of drinking. It made me feel like having a drink. I actually did have a few drinks since I've seen the movie. Well, its been a couple weeks, so you can imagine that I've had quite a few since then.

It was a "buddies on the road" flick where one guy is good looking and the other isn't.
The good looking one wasn't super hot but the less attractive one was so shi*ty looking that is was easy to be the hot one.

The hot one used to be on a tv show that didn't last too long. He played a man. And he was living with, or married to a woman. They didn't like each other but for two stupid tv reasons, they had to be married. Of course, the sexual tension of working together on tv increased over the couple of seasons the show lasted and you know. It was like Nanny, but not as side-splitting.

The other guy was someone I kind of forgot. I know I've seen him play unattractive characters before but I don't remember where. I could look him up, but then that would take away from the review's authenticity.

There was a famous actress in the movie, but not so famous that I remember her name.
I'll stop here before I give away the whole thing.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Movie Review- Polar Express

I saw this movie recently so I would rather not comment. It would be unfair to those who have not seen it, since my review would be biased by the experience.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Jonny Depp's new movie

Johnny Depp has a movie coming out called something like, "Looking For" or "Searching For" - "Neverland."
He plays the guy who wrote Peter Pan. Although there is no out and out S.E.X., there are many scenes where you can make out his form from the back. I can't really tell what's going on in the other area, but I can guess. I just think he is not a large man, although I doubt he's too small. I'm guessing it's something you don't have to really worry about. He makes up for it. You gals know what I'm saying.

Depp's character likes kids and takes an interest in some pretty lady's kids. I don't think it is an unhealthy pervaholic interest. It's just a man that's a little sensitive. I don't think he is too much like that in real life. Maybe a little, but I don't think he's a crier. I hate when men cry. If I wanted to be with someone that cried, I'd marry one of my own.

The boy in whom Depp takes a healthy and hetero interest has some problems. The problems are solved because Johnny provides him with something that was missing. Depp also spends time sitting on a bench in neatly creased pants and he is not wearing underwear, although there is no way of knowing.

I will be seeing this movie soon and if it differs in any way from the review, I will own up to it.

Four stars to Depp's performance. Three stars for the script.