Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Movie Review - Sideways

"Sideways" is a movie that I saw while it was still at the movies. I'm glad I saw that, as opposed to spending money on a crappier movie that I could wait for on dvd, or someone else paying my way.

This was a funny movie with a lot of drinking. It made me feel like having a drink. I actually did have a few drinks since I've seen the movie. Well, its been a couple weeks, so you can imagine that I've had quite a few since then.

It was a "buddies on the road" flick where one guy is good looking and the other isn't.
The good looking one wasn't super hot but the less attractive one was so shi*ty looking that is was easy to be the hot one.

The hot one used to be on a tv show that didn't last too long. He played a man. And he was living with, or married to a woman. They didn't like each other but for two stupid tv reasons, they had to be married. Of course, the sexual tension of working together on tv increased over the couple of seasons the show lasted and you know. It was like Nanny, but not as side-splitting.

The other guy was someone I kind of forgot. I know I've seen him play unattractive characters before but I don't remember where. I could look him up, but then that would take away from the review's authenticity.

There was a famous actress in the movie, but not so famous that I remember her name.
I'll stop here before I give away the whole thing.

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Chris said...

we saw that sideways movie last week when my parents were in town. The next day my mom and dad were talking about it and my dad commented on how people in california all smoke marijuana and how he tried it once and didn't like it...he was trying to trick me into revealing my drug use history (or lack thereof) to him now that we're all adults. I didn't fall for it. It's better just to remain quiet when the parents try to pull a fast one and communicate on an adult level. There was a lot of sex talk and implied sex in the movie too, which can be uncomfortable watching with the parents, but nothing too graphic, which I was thankful for.