Monday, June 25, 2007

Slackjaw - The Book Review

I recently finished reading Slackjaw. I was intrigued by the back cover. It was supposedly written by a man who went blind, Jim Knipfel . The picture of the author reminded me of this guy I went out with in college. If the author was telling the truth about anything, there is no way it could be the same person I knew.

The guy I knew was Bob. Now, Bob lied a lot too, but they aren't even close enough in age to be the same person, so obviously someone is lying. But they both wore a silly hat. I could excuse the blind guy, but he started wearing the hat long before he lost his eyesight. Bob was just an ass.

What I was looking for was a "behind the scenes" look at blindness. Apparently it is a secretive society because once he adjusted to his handicap, the book ended. So I would say to anyone who reads my review, don't read it outloud. If you aren't willing to share your world, it goes back double the same.

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Anonymous said...

First of all I know you don't read. Secondly, I would expect more action from a social deviant.