Sunday, November 16, 2008

An old story

Top Ten Reasons I don't have a lot of sympathy for .....bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

1. He chose to be the son of a crack ho. I didn't make him be one.

2. We all have problems. I didn't have an easy life growing up. Sure, my
dad had some money. He was a Captain of Industry. But my mother died when
I was young. That left my dad to reason the seven of us alone.

We had a friggin parade of in-home day care providers. They were usually
quite strict and sometimes abusive. Also, when we were children, I thought
it was normal, but my father would summon us to dinner or other events by
using a whistle, as if we were animals or something.

My father was very politically active in some mysterious ventures that I
still don't understand. He was often away for weeks at a time.

Our house was run like a boot camp and we were not even allowed to sing in
the house. At one point, in my adolescence, I considered suicide. I had
been depressed for a long time.

I believe what saved my was our new au paire. She had been involved in
some kind of Christian cult, but was having doubts and had left the
compound and sought employment in our household.

As I mentioned, I was suicidal. I was also considering an elopement with
a UPS delivery man that came to our house a lot. She talked me in to
putting this plan on the backburner since I was still 16, soon to turn 17.

She kind of cheered up the whole household with her upbeat nature. Things
turned sour when my father brought some rich bimbo home and started
talking about marriage.

Our live-in daycare provider, Mary, got a bit jealous. I think she had the
hots for dad. Well, I know she did, in retrospect. Anyway, she went back
to the cult compound for a while.

The bimbo left and Mary came back. Dad started noticing Mary and boomba
boomba boom, they got married. We got a new stepmother. She also happened
to play guitar and the whole family formed a band. We called ourselves the
Moyed Family Singers.
Perhaps you've heard of us.

Anyway, my whole point is, we all have rough childhoods. When you have a
problem, try to think of some of your favorite things, and then everything
will be okay.


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