Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mum The Siege of Mumbai

Mum - The seige of the Taj Majal

Skippy, played by Johnny Depp is at a friend's house watching tv, drinking beer with a friend, played by Ed Norton. Norton is a current CIA operative. Skippy used to be a CIA spy but quit a year ago because he didn't like the politics. News of the Mumbai attacks come on the tv. They watch, transfixed.

A day later, Skippy gets a call from Norton. He says," I have a high profile friend who needs help. I can't help him, but you were the best." He tells Skippy to meet his friend at a Super 8 motel right off the Jersey Expressway. Skippy waits in the room for a while and watches mores scenes from Mumbai.

A knock at the door. He lets in Brad Pitt. Pitt is playing himself. Pitt explains the problem. His wife, Angelina Jolie, played by herself, is in Mumbai. At the Taj Majal Hotel! Pitt doesn't want anyone to find out she's there. He is afraid the terrorists will come after her because of her high profile and the fact that she played Daniel Pearl's (jew) wife in a movie of similar intrigue.

The Indians already indicated they do not want American help. Jolie is holed up in a luxurious suite with her half-dozen or so children. Pitt has been texting her. He has convinced her to sit tight and wait for Skippy. She said, "what kind of name is Skippy?" While he is texting Jolie, Depp gets a text from his girlfriend. She is going on about jokey names for a movie based on the attacks. He texts back, saying he might have a really good name but also tells her that he has to go to Maryland to see his mother for a couple days. She gets mad and texts him something nasty , a picture of her butt , and says, say "goodbye to this", because she doesn't believe him.

Skippy asks Pitt, "Why me?" Pitt replies, "Your friend says you're the best. You aren't with the CIA anymore so nobody else needs to know. If nobody else knows you are going, nobody is coming to your rescue and my wife will still have a chance." He also thinks Skippy can pass as a native because of his exotic good looks. Skippy doesn't understand the logic but he does understand the briefcase full of cash and gift cards.

Pitt goes on to explain that Jolie is in Mumbai to look for a new orphan to adopt. She hasn't found any and was soon to leave.

We see some TV news scenes of the other sites of terror including the Jewish Center and the other hotel. The news anchor is being played by Antonio Banderas.

Skippy leaves that night on a chartered plane that allows him to remain heavily armed. Skippy gets to Mumbai, sneaks through all the security, smoke, fire, bad guys, etc and gets to Jolie's room. There is a big scene trying to convince her to unbarricade the room. She can't and he has to break through an adjoining wall. Its quite an ordeal to get her and the kids to the basement kitchen of the hotel and into an awaiting suv.

Safely back in New York, we see Angelina and Brad leave the Chabad Lubavitcher house, carrying the orphaned son of the Rabbi that got killed. The child's name is Moishe, but Brangelina call him "mumy."

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